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Wednesday April 24 2019

PUBLIC BEACHES: During holidays such as the just-ended Easter break, Cornelius Oliko says, the majority poor, who cannot afford to pay for services at beach hotels, should also enjoy a free romp on public beaches, but this is becoming harder as private facilities gobble up more space. Unlike the Brazilian cities where public beaches cover large areas and are just as attractive as private ones, those spaces that can be accessed for free in Mombasa and Kilifi counties are quite tiny. Cornelius is urging the people to reclaim more beach space for the poor to enjoy their holidays. His contact is [email protected]
PARKING AFFAIR: The motorist who accused Nairobi City County parking attendants of clamping his car and demanding a bribe is equally guilty of offering to pay less than the stipulated fine, says George Njeru. It was wrong, he adds, for Ike Mutua to term the county officials as corrupt while trying to absolve himself from the same. "First, he parked in the wrong place and did not bother to pay for it. Second, the Sh2,200 on the piece of paper that was left on his windscreen is the legal fee when you're clamped for non-payment. There is a USSD *217# for county payments, unless he's new in the city. My conclusion is that he is also corrupt, as it's a two-way affair." His contact is [email protected]
MAIZE SHORTAGE: As drought begins to bite again in some parts of the country since the last one two years ago, Bimal Shah fears that another maize shortage is looming, with hunger and starvation stalking many Kenyans. The Thika resident strongly believes that squarely to blame for the food shortage is the Agriculture ministry and its bad policies. “Our farmers, who are the backbone in this chain, are not being supported properly. Subsidised fertiliser never arrives on time for the poor farmers. We always blame millers for the failures of others. If the price has to go up a little, let it go as long as there is supply. Oil and other commodity prices fluctuate a lot, but that is acceptable. So, it is time to accept the reality.” His contact is [email protected]
CHOLERA EPIDEMIC: Things have lately gone upside down in Nairobi, remarks Carey Yiembe in response to the news of a cholera outbreak in the capital, which has been reported quite unbelievably at one of the major hospitals in the city. As if that was not enough, Carey adds, Governor Mike Sonko, who had to answer a call of nature at the JKIA, was jolted by the potentially deadly mess in which he found the toilet - sticking live electricity wires posing a grave threat to the people using the urinal. "As a cholera epidemic is now rife in the city, what next for the metropolis?" His contact is [email protected]

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