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Thursday April 25 2019

RIP RACE HERO: Mourning the death last Friday in Nakuru of Jonathan Toroitich, former President Daniel arap Moi’s son, who was popularly known as JT, Elais Junior says that he, the Moi family and other Kenyans, will deeply miss the man who at one time distinguished himself as a competent rally driver and also engaged in politics. He adds: “It was with deep sorrow that I learnt of the passing of my car rallying icon JT. On behalf of my family and myself, I wish to extend my condolences to retired President Moi and his entire family. May God grant them peace at this time as they mourn the beloved now departed soul.” His contact is [email protected]
WAR ON CORRUPTION: In the fight against corruption, the words Njoroge Kibe would rather not hear are: “We have not completed the investigations” and “the case collapsed because of the weak evidence presented in court”. In the countries that have succeeded in the anti-graft war, he adds, you will not hear such remarks. “In Malaysia, former Prime Minister Najib Razak is on trial for allegedly pocketing $681 million from a sovereign fund. In Peru, former President Alan Gracia committed suicide to avoid arrest over bribery claims involving a Brazilian construction firm.” In Kenya, he laments, "police never seem to win any case against the fat cats. How I long for the day when one will commit suicide to avoid arrest." His contact is [email protected]
HOUSING LEVY: The proposed housing levy with monthly salary deductions of 1.5 per cent should be re-evaluated as there are still many queries, says Ruth Gituma. Key among the issues that are causing her some discomfort, she adds, is that many of the people in salaried employment are either already home owners or in the process of acquiring one. “These people may not need this scheme. Or is there an age bracket that is being targeted? It would be unfair to tax those planning to leave formal employment earlier or after having attained the retirement age.” To undertake such a serious investment, she states, “you cannot afford to apply a lottery as a top housing official has insinuated”. Her contact is [email protected]
SAFARI RALLY: Bring back the Safari Rally, urges university don X. N. Iraki, who certainly misses the fun, thrills, excitement and suspense of the event that was a crowd puller in the past during the Easter holiday. He adds: “In Kenya, Easter was brightened up by the gruelling Safari Rally, which took the cars all over the country. Can we bring back this exciting event? Easter is now so boring, particularly without rain, which is what used to make the rally even more exciting. It is no wonder that Formula 1 has become very popular in this country. Let us have our own home-grown events as the country has come of age.” His contact is [email protected]

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