Friday April 26 2019

LONG HUDUMA QUEUES: The long queues at the Huduma Namba registration centres countrywide are a pointer to the impressive turnout and success of the government campaign to streamline the listing of citizens, says Francis Njuguna. Many people, including young and old men and women, have sought registration and should be congratulated for heeding the call to do so, Francis adds. However, he doesn't understand why the registration clerks in some places have been operating in the open by the roadsides, instead of taking advantage of school buildings, with the students now on vacation, or public dispensaries and hospitals. It's not too late to direct them to use those public facilities, he pleads. His contact is [email protected]


TREE PLANTING: Though the long rains have come quite late in most parts of the country, Mwangi Karuga is challenging the people to come up with proper measures to help put the water to good use instead of letting it flow to waste, as has been the case over the years. As a result, Mwangi adds, the heavy rains and floods end, only for the dry season to set in again and the story of acute shortages annoyingly repeats itself. One way to make good use of the water, he proposes, is to have everyone obliged to plant several trees every year. “It's pointless moaning over delayed rainfall if we don't plant trees.” And to the people destroying forests, he can only think of Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai's warning: “Nature is very unforgiving.” His contact is [email protected]


MWIMUTO LANDLORDS: The landlords of Mwimuto, whom Robert Musamali accuses of refusing to connect their plots to Nairobi Water Company's supply, he says, are the cause of the suffering and needless agony for their tenants. This, he explains, is why the tenants often carry water jerricans wherever they go, the same way they hold their handbags. And compounding the horrible situation, Robert adds, Mwimuto Market is "ringed by putrefying sewage in trenches as it was built inside a swamp". And profiting from the people's misery are the private water vendors operating at Mwimuto Market. And that is not their only problem: There are also no streetlights, and Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, he claims, was last there during the 2017 election campaigns. His contact is [email protected]


HOUSING LEVY: The introduction of the government’s levy to provide affordable housing to all Kenyans is commendable and should be supported by all, says Benjamin Ashuma. However, Benjamin strongly feels that there is lack of clarity on the implementation. He adds: “We are being told to start contributing monthly to the housing fund, but without proper communication. We are worried that we might end up contributing to something that is bound to flop just like the school laptop project or the Jubilee Party election campaign promise to construct stadia around the country. Fear of the unknown among Kenyans is what the government needs to seriously address for the project to succeed.” His contact is [email protected]

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