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Wednesday May 22 2019

HUDUMA NAMBA: Even with the extension by a week of the Huduma Namba registration, Susan Mungai says she still cannot understand why there should be a deadline on the acquisition of a vital official document. “Public service is the government’s obligation and not a favour to the people. The citizens have a right to access public services and it’s the obligation of the government to provide these; it is at the core of its mandate.” It would be unfair, she adds, for one to be denied a service or assistance at a government office for not having a certain number, which, by the way, they have not yet issued even to those who have already registered. Her contact is [email protected]


LOOMING DANGER: Urgently calling Kenya Power, alarmed about the grave danger posed by several electricity cables hanging loosely in Mogoma Village, Bomet County, is Bonny Mutai. With the heavy rains, Bonny fears that people or their animals coming into contact with the sagging live wires could be electrocuted. Also in danger are schoolchildren, who have to walk along the roads or paths and pass by the electricity poles. “Residents have reported to the local Kenya Power office to remedy the situation, but their appeals have been ignored.” His contact is [email protected]


BAD ROADS: While happy with the recent recarpeting of the entire 3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi, which Madat Verjee says is now such a joy to drive on, he wants to see a bit more work done in the suburb, most of whose roads are in a terrible mess. Crying out for such serious attention from the city county roads department or the Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Madat adds, are the 1st, 2nd and 5th Parklands avenues in the same otherwise upmarket neighbourhood, “as they have nasty potholes that rattle our guts when travelling on them”. His contact is [email protected]


FOUL PLAY: Squarely to blame for the Harambee Stars selection debacle is Football Kenya Federation president Nick Mwendwa, alleges Peter Ndichu, absolving national coach Sebastian Migne of responsibility for the glaring mess. He cannot understand how, for instance, Masoud Juma, who is clubless, could have got the nod over the Zambia-based red-hot striker Jesse Were were it not for the fact that he is a former player of Kariobangi Sharks, which is linked to the President. Curiously also, two goalkeepers were picked from the club. Such blatant bias can only undermine the development of local football. His contact is [email protected]

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