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Saturday June 1 2019

POSITIVITY: Whereas there are many other things that are actually happening in the country today, Julius Musya says he's disappointed that mainstream media always seem to be only interested in covering the negative news, dwelling mostly on the gruesome murders, corruption and other scandals. Julius is calling for some positivity, fully acknowledging that media "shape society and influence public opinion". He hopes that there will be a change of focus, as "there are a lot of positive things happening in Kenya" that should also be highlighted for the information of Kenyans. "Let us not just spread a sense of hopelessness and negativity in the country." His contact is [email protected]


COMPETITION: Elvis Muruli, who accused Airtel of a supposed "continued unwillingness to effectively compete with Safaricom", could not be further from the truth, charges Cornelius Oliko, who is laying the problem squarely at the feet of the government as the regulator. Says he: "All the problems in the communications sector have been caused by the government, which has actively stifled any real competition to Safaricom." He poses: "Have Kenyans ever asked themselves why the so-called 'backward' neighbouring Tanzania has almost 10 mobile service providers while here, the fourth one was hounded out of business? This glitter is artificial." His contact is [email protected]


BLACKOUTS: When her family recently moved house to General Mathenge Drive in the Westlands suburb of Nairobi, Shobhna Shah was hoping for the very best and could not have imagined that they would end up literally "living in the dark". But the past two months in her family's new residence have been hell. Says she: "I have noticed that we have power failures practically every day. Sometimes it's for long hours. Can Kenya Power people explain why we get such blackouts almost every day, and better still, can't they solve this issue of power outages day in, day out." She is hoping that management will feel the need to get in touch with her and explain what's really going on. Her contact is [email protected]


CUSTOMER CARE: Some rare praise for a bank's customer care section arrives from Joel Agunda, who is so impressed with the way his problem was sorted out that he can't help showering accolades on Family Bank. The bank, he adds, has one of the most efficient online customer care staff that he has ever dealt with. On May 27, Joel carried out a transaction, which was not completed. Says he: "I called the customer care number expecting the usual delays. A staffer, Faith, promptly picked up my call and after listening keenly to my problem, promised to take it up with the relevant team and call within 24 hours with an answer, and she did." His contact is [email protected]

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