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Saturday June 15 2019

SUFFERING STUDENTS: The student hostels at the University of Eldoret are still in a deplorable state, moans Maiko Sunzuki, disappointed that his appeal to the authorities many months ago was ignored. And that is not all. When his son was admitted, he paid Sh500 for a student identification card, but nearly a year later, this has never been issued. As a parent, Maiko finds the management of student affairs rather substandard and the handling of examination results, he claims, is also shoddy. The vice-chancellor, he adds, cannot escape blame for the glaring shortcomings. His contact is [email protected]

BIG EGOS: While he fully appreciates that some counties have been granting waivers on interest and arrears on land rates, Ernest Saina is disgusted with the way some governors have been trying to personalise the effort. To ensure that they reach as many people as possible, the counties advertise the amnesty in newspapers, on radio and television. What he totally disagrees with is the tendency to publish the notices alongside huge pictures of the governors of the various counties. He doesn't see how having their pictures run alongside the offers enhances their appeal to property owners. His contact is [email protected]

BRANDED BAGS: With the government ban on the use of plastic bags and more recently the outlawing of the substandard alternatives, supermarkets are coming up with other reusable options, says Mario Weru. Nakuru's Tuskys Supermarket outlet, for instance, he adds, offers branded bags in bright colours, but at Sh50. “That's okay, but why should customers pay to advertise for Tuskys with their branded bags? These are promotional items that should always be given out free of charge to shoppers. Let them provide non-branded bags at a nominal fee but give out their branded ones for free.” His contact is [email protected]

MENTAL HEALTH: With hardly a day passing without news of gruesome killings or other homicides being reported across the country, Ruth Gituma is convinced that something really terrible is happening in the society. And she thinks it has everything to do with the “wanting state of mental healthcare” in the country. “Fathers are hacking their children and spouses to death in domestic wrangles, and suicides are on the rise. Can we now have some serious discussions on the state of mental health in this country? Or do we just have to continue burying our heads in the sand?” Her contact is [email protected]

Have a sane day, won't you!