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Tuesday August 6 2019

CHINESE VISA: Even though China seems to be the Kenya Government's ‘best friend’, offering loans and grants, and building railways and roads, the former is not as welcoming, says Mufaddal Sadiqali. "It is a shame that the Chinese are not reciprocating the favour when it comes to issuing visas to Kenyans. The VFS Chinese visa handling service in Nairobi is making a killing. Most applicants are forced to apply three to four times before being granted a visa.” The applicants have to pay each time after rejections on flimsy grounds such as ‘no invitation confirmation email from supplier’ or 'invitation email in wrong format.’” He wants the visa application procedure properly explained. His contact is [email protected]

TAME BODA-BODAS: Who will tame the boda-boda menace in the vibrant and peaceful lakeside town of Kisumu? asks Charles Okore, pointing the finger at the traffic police and the county enforcement teams for so blatantly sleeping on the job and allowing the culprits to get away scot-free. Though notorious for flouting traffic rules and regulations, the riders have lately been irritatingly riding on the wrong side of the road, especially between the Kisumu Boys High School roundabout and the Kondele Flyover. “It’s the height of impunity. You know, once they knock you while going in the wrong direction they'll be the first ones to gang up and attack you, most likely torch your car.” His contact is [email protected]

KAPSABET ROAD: While the Vihiga County section of the Chavakali junction-Kapsabet Town highway is smooth and a joy to drive on, the bit in Nandi County is a total disgrace, moans Jim Webo, who is still nursing a sore back after a weekend excursion. “That bit of the road is full of potholes and car-breaking trenches. Why do we let our roads deteriorate so badly that they have to be rebuilt afresh at a great cost?" How Jim wishes that some of the litigious Kenyans could also haul the Kenya National Highways Authority to court for failing in its mandate. "Isn't it time we began to nurture and enforce a road maintenance culture to curb the wastage of public resources. The KeNHA must do better than this!” declares Jim.

THE MARA CROCODILES: One of the most underrated animals, Mwangi Wanjohi says, is the crocodile. And this, he adds, is despite it being one of the most active participants in the tourist-pulling wildebeest immigration. “In the annual drama in the Maasai Mara, it is rarely mentioned in the same light as the so-called Big Five. The reptile is also left out from the portraits on the new currency notes.” Wanjohi is also disappointed to note that the crocodile has not been mentioned in the proposals to change the name of the national soccer team, Harambee Stars. “The Mara Crocodiles would be an appropriate and inspiring name. What should the croc do to get noticed?” His contact: [email protected]

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