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Friday August 9 2019

DRIVING LICENCE: Applying for a new generation driving licence is becoming a nightmare, moans Willis O. Aguko. "They advise one to check the particulars before applying, but they take time to make the required corrections. My TIMs account say my class is ECB, but the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) app indicates my class as ECBA. The same app shows I have a valid PSV badge, which can only be given if you have Class A. Can someone at the NTSA tell me why we have different details for one person? Can they tell me when I should apply for the new licence now that they are not making changes to this?" His driving licence is No. ONJ065 and his contact, Tel 0722997554/0733997554 or email: [email protected]
HOLIDAY BREAK: There is a good reason why every worker needs a good holiday, says Meshack Osano, impressed with the findings of a recent study by some researchers. He adds: “A lot of people work so hard and fail to rest. They value the benefits of work, but do not know they could achieve much better if they took some time off to relax.” The study on the socio-economic benefits of resting, he explains, “shows that the quality of our work or endeavour depends on how refreshed we are. Even on the farm, you achieve more by taking breaks than working the whole day. Even God understands the importance of resting. Holidays bring the family together.” His contact is [email protected]

KERINGET WATER: A man who really likes his Keringet mineral water, Rolex Mwamba Onyiego, is a little frustrated that the bottle cover is too tight thus needlessly delaying his enjoyment. He says that he noted the problem following the recent acquisition of Keringet by multinational bottling company Coca-Cola. “The seal on the bottle cap has become too tight to open. A woman friend of mine is traumatised, having recently broken one of her well-kept nails, as she helped me to open a bottle for a sip during a meeting I attended in Nairobi. Can Coca-Cola, please, loosen the Keringet seal a bit for the benefit of loyal consumers like myself?” His contact is [email protected]
IMPERIAL BANK: Even after Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge announced two months ago that partial payments would be made to the depositors of the collapsed Imperial Bank, nothing has happened, moans, Mahendra Shah. He's disturbed about the governor's silence, considering that the account holders have suffered for too long. He recalls that four years ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta assured all that nobody would lose their money held up in the collapsed banks. But to rub salt into the wound, he adds, none of the officials suspected of stealing Sh40 billion from Imperial has even arrested and charged. "What is special about these suspects?" His contact is [email protected]

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