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Monday August 12 2019

WIFE INHERITANCE: The traditional rite of inheritance of a widow by a brother of her late husband, Mombasa resident Justin N. Nkaranga says, was aimed at protecting her and her children from intruders with ulterior designs. But with time, he explains, “that culture is fading away”. When asked to inherit a widow or be taken over by a widower, he adds, one must now think of a medical check-up to rule out HIV and other infections. “Another thing is the bad habits. One might find it will be too hard to cope with those entrenched habits. I think this inheritance culture has been overtaken by time.” His contact is [email protected]


IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT: Though obtaining the new E-passport has proved a big challenge to many people in recent weeks, Maiko Sunzuki is impressed that there are some “great officers” in the Immigration Department who are up to the task and will make it happen. After his own daughter had a nasty experience, Maiko took it up and presented the matter to two officers, who easily resolved the matter, handing her the travel document. “Most of the delays were caused by an influx of applicants who tried to beat the August deadline.” To the two, he says: “Thank you Mr Mwaura and Madame Koros. You are a really good team of officers -- a gentleman and a lady.” His contact is [email protected]

SAFARICOM HOME FIBRE: After being approached at their office in Kifarmco, Kikuyu, by contracted field staff, Stephen Njuguna says they applied for the Safaricom Home Fibre connection, paying for the 10Mbps monthly silver package via M-Pesa, as instructed. A week later, it had not been done and the money was refunded. But at the end of July, another team came and told them to pay again. On August 5, technicians came but claimed they did not have climbing shoes. Then, only some residential subscribers had been connected. Smelling a rat, Stephen would like to get an assurance from Safaricom that this not a scam in the making, as these people risk tarnishing the giant telco's reputation. For the details, his contact is [email protected]

KIAMBU ROAD: Kiambu Road has always been notorious for horrendous traffic jams and Gift Wairimu didn't expect any better when she took her mother to MP Shah Hospital in Nairobi for a check-up on July 30, but got a pleasant surprise. Says she: "There was no traffic jam all the way from Ridgeways to Muthaiga, thanks to a great traffic innovation. The decision to allow the heavy traffic to use two lanes is commendable. I wish to laud the officer who decided to think out of the box and the supervisor, who allowed it to be implemented. Visiting other countries to learn from them is a good idea, after all." Her contact is [email protected]

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