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Saturday August 17 2019

TOURISM: The coastal region is the country's tourism hub with its fine sandy beaches and excellent hotels, says Alnashir Walji. The port towns of Mombasa and Lamu, and Malindi on the North Coast, are all ideal destinations for foreign and domestic tourists. To ensure that this happens, Alnashir urges, the hoteliers and the local people must play pivotal roles in cleaning up and preventing pollution of the pristine beaches. Security, he urges, must be enhanced to enable the region and the country to benefit from not just the traditional tourism, but also the first-growing conferences circuit. “We must make the visitors return home with fond memories of our country.” His contact is [email protected]

DISSOLVE TSC: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) should be dissolved as it no longer serves the interests of teachers for whom it was established, says Cornelius Oliko. The TSC, he claims, “has totally shifted from its core mandate of advocating better working terms for teachers and improving their performance through training” to become a government tool for taming the teachers' unions. Cornelius is also accusing the TSC of making major decisions about teachers without seeking their input, hence its ongoing spats with the Kenya National Union of Teachers. “The TSC leadership must now be overhauled as the damage it has already caused will take a long time to rectify,” he alleges. His contact is [email protected]

ACCIDENT ZONE: Drunken drivers exiting a popular joint at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, pose a grave danger to motorists on Lang'ata Road, warns Alfred Ngete. It is not unusual, he adds, to see inebriated drivers reversing into the highway. Alfred recently had a nasty encounter with one of those and is still reeling from the shock following his narrow escape, with extensive damage to his vehicle. “A fellow suddenly reversed into the road, causing me to hit him, and he switched off his lights and sped off, leaving me with Sh250,000 worth of damage. If this exit is blocked, it will save us from drunk drivers. There have been many accidents at this spot.” His contact is [email protected]

KAA SOBER: The chickens have come home to roost, remarks Ruth Gituma, in response to embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s suspect rehabilitation programme in which he paid drunks money to clear bushes and clean up roads, to ostensibly keep them engaged and, therefore, off drink, but which actually just enabled them to afford more and more of the illicit stuff. Says Ruth: “When the Kaa Sober Initiative (sic) was started by the governor, there were some voices of reason, which were never listened to. The sustainability of the programme was wanting.” The lesson from this debacle, she adds, is that “leaders should show people how to fish and not give them fish.” Her contact is [email protected]

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