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Tuesday August 20 2019

AIRTEL-TELKOM MERGER: The planned merger of Airtel and Telkom Kenya is the best confirmation that all is not is not well in the telecommunications industry, says Cornelius Oliko. Both firms, he adds, are going down due to failure to find their footing and operate profitably. He also won't buy the view that Safaricom is doing well because of its several innovations. "This is a big lie because we cannot have a few businesses in the same environment seeming to do very well while the rest can't even break even. The government must level the playing field so that we do not have another firm collapsing just like Nakumatt." His contact is [email protected]

BAN BOXING: The call to ban the so-called popular sport of boxing is one that Peter Githae has no hesitations about fully endorsing, as it resonates with his concern over the safety of the participants in this deadly game. Says he: "I fully support this because I consider it beastly for two human beings to so viciously pound each other, with a frenzied group of spectators shouting, 'Kill, kill, kill'." This, Peter adds, always reminds him of the history he learnt in high school of the Roman gladiators, and he simply cannot understand of what relevance it is, bang in this civilised 21st Century, with humanity having gone through centuries of modernisation. His contact is [email protected]

KIBRA VOTERS: As the voters in Nairobi's Kibra Constituency get ready for the upcoming by-election to elect a successor to their late MP, Ken Okoth, his namesake Ken Butiko sincerely hopes that his party, ODM, will resist any attempts at seat inheritance by a member of his family and instead encourage fair nominations to select its candidate. "After all, when the Kibra voters chose Okoth as their MP, and later re-elected him, it had absolutely nothing to do with his family. Seat inheritance has been used before in by-elections in western Kenya. Kibra constituents should be given the freedom to choose their next MP without any such machinations." His contact is [email protected]

MUSIC FESTIVAL: As he congratulates the winners in this year's Kenya National Schools and Colleges Music Festival, Charlie Wakaba Kamanga is not amused at the apparent snubbing of the students who excel in the annual science contests. The best music and drama festival participants, he adds, are always hosted by the President, at State House, for a gala concert. "Why not the winners of the Kenya Secondary Schools Science Congress? Why not encourage our youth to be innovative technologically by giving them a similar treat and motivation? Publicly displaying such talent would go a long way in paving the way for the implementation of such technical innovations in the future." His contact is [email protected]

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