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Friday August 23 2019

TEACHERS' WOES: The teaching profession, Chris Kiriba charges, "has failed to act as a compass that activates the magnet of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom". And without explaining what this is all about, he adds: "This has resulted in poor grades in teachers' colleges and low enrolment. Coupled with these are the academic weaknesses of some of the teacher trainers, who often find refuge in these institutions after failing to perform elsewhere." He concludes: "Low morale among teacher trainees fully aware of the donkey years that they have to contend with before they secure employment only helps to aggravate an already bad situation. Over to you Teachers Service Commission boss Nancy Macharia." His contact is [email protected]

TRM PARKING: Thika Road Mall (TRM) on Thika Superhighway, Nairobi, Mwangi Kaboyo claims, has been engaging in some "parking mischief", and on the receiving end are innocent shoppers. The shopping mall management, he appeals, "needs to properly label the space that they refer to as 'trolley parking'. It has no markings to that effect". He parked there recently and his car got clamped, and he had to part with Sh1,000, "after wasting a whole two hours between administration office and the parking space, with nobody willing to immediately address the matter". To make matters worse, he claims, they "will not issue you with a receipt, and they will call an armed policeman should you complain. And they are rude to a fault". His contact is [email protected]

NAIROBI RIVER: The shocking pollution of Nairobi River, Sukhy Soin reports, is not the only mess that the authorities need to urgently deal with to ensure that city residents live in a clean environment. All the sources of pollution, he adds, must be targeted or else the clean-up efforts in a few isolated areas will not make a difference. Soin wants reporters sent to Nairobi West Shopping Centre to see the mess out there. Adjacent to the National Oil petrol station, raw sewage, he moans, is liberally discharged into a roadside drain. Next to West Mall, some shameless people have been dumping empty glass bottles and beer cans, and the racket continues even on Muhoho Avenue. His appeals to the county public health department and Nema, he adds, have borne no fruit. For the details, his contact is [email protected]

DIVORCE COURT: Without naming names, Michael Mwangi says he’s been shocked to note that divorce proceedings are being conducted in an open court and aired on national television. "It's both crude and insensitive to the parties and more, considering that the people involved have children who will bear the trauma of cheap publicity-seeking stunts." In the developed countries, he says, "even people facing criminal cases are never subjected to such publicity, but we only get to see artists' sketches of them until they are convicted of their crimes. Spare us some of this really saucy stuff, please." His contact is [email protected]

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