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Friday September 6 2019

TRAFFIC LIGHTS: Disappointed Nairobi resident Jim Webo says he has never seen the value of the much-touted sophisticated street lights installed with much fanfare on some key roads in the city at a tidy cost to the tax and ratepayers several years ago. “Though traffic police were ordered off the roads, they still insist on manning traffic at the roundabouts in the city and, by some strange coincidence, these devices often do not work.” He wonders whether the aim of the concentration of the traffic police at the roundabouts is to profit from motorists that they wrongly accuse.

NHIF: Despite the recent hype about modernising and revamping the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), “it is still living in the past, precisely in the 1990s”, declares tech-savvy Peter King Mahulo. “I am a new NHIF member, who registered online. And after opening an account, I forgot the password! Try resetting your password and it takes you to the page, which requires one to call Tel 0709920000, which isn’t toll-free!” He wonders why they can’t have a simpler way that doesn’t make members lose their phone airtime credit. The NHIF “must wake up!” Peter demands. His contact is pkmah[email protected]

MEDIOCRE SERVICE: The people who must go to the Lands office at Thika are so disappointed with the mediocre service there, says Lydia Kamau. She is convinced that there is something terribly wrong at this office that serves an area with numerous land tenure questions. And Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney might just want to get an answer from her junior on why it’s not possible for the landowners to make payments at the office on the flimsy excuse that they have run out of receipts. “How long does it take to order receipt books?” Her contact is [email protected]

BRT MIRAGE: Where is the much-touted bus rapid transit commuter service that was meant to help to streamline transportation and ease traffic congestion in Nairobi? City resident Ruth Gituma wants to know. The red line marked on the Thika Superhighway, Ruth reports, is already fading and yet there has been no update from Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia on the much-awaited project. “This has become a mirage. Will another contractor have to be sourced to do a repeat job? Why were the lanes marked before the buses had been bought and shipped in?” She hopes that this will not become one of the many white elephant projects. Her contact is [email protected]

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