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Monday September 9 2019

SPECIAL FLYERS: The International Arrivals section at Terminal 1E at the JKIA, Nairobi, is not quite welcoming to the elderly, the sick and parents travelling with young children, says Heather Waithera. The airport authorities should seriously consider the plight of these people, who badly need help as they make their way to their destinations. They may not be able to stand in the queues for a long time, hence the urgent need to improve efficiency at the Immigration Desk. “While at it, can they also consider improving the interior decor?” Her contact is [email protected]

GARBAGE PILE-UP: Though a really commendable effort, the recent clean-up of Lang’ata Road, Nairobi, especially the section between the KWS headquarters and Bomas of Kenya roundabout, Tito Motari says, has been marred by the failure to properly dispose of the garbage. For over a week, he moans, the litter has remained heaped on the edge of the road, becoming a huge eyesore. “It is now a major distraction to the drivers on this busy road.” The contractor should now move with utmost speed to complete the job by removing the rubbish. His contact is [email protected]m.

VIOLENCE DOWN SOUTH: Images coming out of South Africa of immigrants from some neighbouring countries and beyond on the continent being bludgeoned to death by marauding criminal gangs are quite saddening, remarks Prof Maina Muchara. Their only crime, he adds, is that they happen to be running their businesses in a foreign country. “What President Cyril Ramaphosa should understand is that this is a horrible display of his government’s damning inability to perform its basic duty, which is to protect lives and property. He finds this a rather sad indication of how quickly the African stewardship of the former apartheid state has crumbled. His contact is [email protected]

WAR ON GRAFT: Waxing historical, Edwin Kariuki cannot resist winding back the clock to the ancient days of the Roman Empire, which, in its heyday, “was the greatest human administration the world had ever seen”. However, he remarks, it terribly failed to read the signs and relentlessly fight corruption, and this hastened its downfall. “Though President Uhuru Kenyatta has shown some determination to tame the vice, no major convictions have been made and culprits walk scot-free.” His contact is [email protected]

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