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Saturday September 14 2019

KENYAN DOCTORS: The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board may be playing a pivotal role in enhancing the delivery of medical services by monitoring and enforcing compliance with the required standards, but it stands accused by Nairobi resident Mwangi Karuga of taking its eyes off the ball on a vital issue. Mwangi is alarmed at the high increase in recent years of the number of Kenyans who are struggling to raise funds, with some incurring huge debts, in order to send patients overseas for specialised treatment. Says he: “The board should immediately investigate why patients are literally running away from Kenyan doctors and hospitals to seek medical treatment abroad, and with many going especially to India.” His contact is [email protected]

RATE CAP: The intention behind the capping of interest rates by commercial banks may have been excellent, but it is now hurting the very people it was meant to benefit, says Fredrick Njoka. According to him, the decision to control interest rates was meant to help stimulate the economy by encouraging the people to go to and borrow funds from banks and other financial institutions to boost their enterprises, but this is not happening. “We need to address this matter as soon as possible, as many Kenyans are now unable to access credit. MPs should sober up and go to the rescue of the common mwananchi who needs to borrow and boost his livelihood.” His contact is [email protected]

BIG TITLE: Engineer is the “most abused professional title” since the advent of devolution and the mushrooming of all manner of contractors in the counties implementing infrastructure projects, remarks Alex Kioko. Today, he adds, anyone handling works from even simple toilet construction to complex projects likes to call himself an engineer. “While it may seem like a matter of little significance, the real owners of this hard-earned title must be feeling downgraded by the use of their title even by jua kali mechanics and welders. Can we have some order like the one that differentiates herbalists from doctors?” Alex can be reached through on [email protected]

GOOD DEED: After his car broke down bang in the middle of the road at the often busy junction of the Southern Bypass and Ngong Road, Nairobi, Deno Kiriama says he frantically tried to flag down fellow motorists and failed. Those who slowed down, giving him some hope that help had finally arrived, looked at him and just zoomed off, leaving him stranded. This was until his luck came in the form of a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) driver who stopped and lent him a hand. An elated Deno, who did not even get to know his Good Samaritan’s name, adds: “I was humbled by the help that I got from the KDF driver. You are a true reflection of the very best that one can get in this great nation.” His contact is [email protected]

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