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Saturday September 21 2019

MONOPOLY: The Kenya Airline Pilots Association’s (Kalpa) opposition to the plan to hire some 20 pilots to help solve the problem of frequent delays and flight cancellations by the national carrier, Wilson Mandila says, smacks of the predictable conduct of monopolies almost everywhere. Whereas Kenya Airways board chairman Michael Joseph, who is also the acting Safaricom CEO, wants the crisis resolved, Kalpa will hear none of it. Ironically, however, Wilson adds, Joseph, who is now irked by the cartel-like conduct of the pilot’ union, is also on record as opposing a Telkom-Airtel merger, which would give some good competition to Safaricom. His contact is [email protected]

DRY TAPS: Water supply in the big towns and trading centres has improved tremendously since the establishment of the numerous water companies from what used to be departments of the old councils, but not all of them are that efficient. John Njenga, a resident of Embulbul, Ngong, has no kind words for Oloolaiser Water Company, which he accuses of failing to ensure that households have regular water supply. The firm apparently cannot pump water because its power supply has been disconnected for alleged failure to pay bills. Says he: “We continue to pay our water bills faithfully, yet we are the ones suffering due to lack of water. Why should the people have to pay so dearly for corporate inefficiencies?” His contact is [email protected]

DISCIPLINE: Following the High Court ruling in Nairobi allowing the wearing of dreadlocks in schools, Charlie Wakaba Kamanga fears that a Pandora's box might just have been opened, with the rules and regulations governing the conduct of students likely to be blatantly flouted. He can see all shades of cults, with their peculiar beliefs and behaviour now coming out to “campaign for their right to dress, undress, behave or misbehave as they wish”. This, he warns, is going to “create an unruly, wild and lawless school environment, which will prove unmanageable”. It “will eventually graduate into a lawless state where anybody is free to do as they wish." His contact is [email protected]

VOTERS: John Mukui has keenly followed the recent Tunisian presidential election, which had a whopping 26 candidates, and a voter turnout of only 45 per cent. The winner garnered 18.4 per cent (8.3 per cent of registered voters). “If those who did not vote were unhappy with these contenders, the 27th candidate marked, None of the Above (NOTA), would have won by 19 per cent of the registered voters, pegged on 64 per cent turnout in the first round of the 2014 presidential vote.” The NOTA option has been used in India, Greece and the State of Nevada, US. "It is more strategic for disillusioned voters to prop up their own candidate, rather than keep off the polling booths." His contact is [email protected]

Have a democratic day, won't you!