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Tuesday October 8 2019

BITTER SUGAR: Some western Kenya politicians have a big hand in the Mumias Sugar Company’s woes, charges Edward Wekesa. It was hardly surprising when some of the MPs absented themselves from a crucial vote in the National Assembly on the sugar industry in August last year. “This report was eventually debated and mutilated, with some key names being purged. The national sugar industry’s problems have been made worse by these politicians, most likely at the behest of some well-known sugar importers.” His contact is [email protected]

WASHROOM DILEMMA: A proud father of some nice little girls, Mwangi Wanjohi says that he has always had some awkward moments whenever he goes out with them in Nairobi and they need to go to the toilet. “I would like to know whether there are any shopping malls in the city with special washrooms for ‘girls in the company of their dads’, or ‘boys in the company of their mums’. I am always confused whenever my daughters want to use these essential facilities. Do I just walk into the women’s washrooms with them or do I take my girls to the men’s toilets? I have faced this dilemma even in a shopping mall as modern as Two Rivers.” His contact is [email protected]


SLOTH: Following his recent visit to the Lands office in Kiambu Town, Henry Ruhiu says he was convinced that the common talk about the staff being on a go-slow has a big element of truth about it. The service delivery by the officials is so wanting that he hopes the county authorities will begin to take an interest in it and quickly streamline the situation. Henry arrived at the Lands office early in the morning but it was not until midday that a clerk came into the counter and, after serving only two people, broke for lunch. “Our complaints fell on deaf ears as there was no supervisor. Who will come to the rescue of the people seeking vital services?” His contact is [email protected]

PATRIOT: After her spectacular 3,000 metres steeplechase victory in the recent IAAF World Championships in Doha, Beatrice Chepkoech impressed Kasilon Michael with her superb handling of the national flag. “She was handed the flag, which she unfolded and checked to see which side was black before holding it up correctly in an ecstatic celebration. The same cannot be said of some other medal winners, who just unfolded the flag and wrapped themselves in it. Kudos to golden girl Beatrice for taking patriotism a notch higher!”

Have a magnificent day, won’t you!