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Friday October 11 2019

SAFETY: Since a sudden gust of strong winds recently blew the roof off Gatundu Market, a major facility in Kiambu County, Kamichore Mutindira says he has been disappointed to note that none of the local leaders and even the national government authorities in the area has shown any concern about the inconvenience being suffered by the traders and their customers. “Could it be because they do not see any political mileage to be made out of this one? The county and national governments only swing into action when there is a death and they only deliver coffins for the burial.” He wonders whether an audit of all markets will be ordered to ascertain their safety. His contact is [email protected]

LEARNING CURVE: Quite disappointing, F. Mukembu says, is the failure by most Kenyans, including county and national leaders, to learn vital lessons from past disasters and help to enhance the capacity to deal with such tragic incidents. The poor state of national disaster preparedness, he adds, is largely to blame for the huge casualties that routinely occur whenever such calamities strike. A good example is the latest Likoni ferry tragedy, which claimed two lives and exposed Kenya’s glaring lack of knowledge of oceanography. “Let it be a wake-up call to enforce safety measures. However, learnings from other countries, including South Africa, are welcome.” His contact is [email protected]

WASHROOM DILEMMA: The dilemma for some fathers with their little daughters who need to use the toilet during public outings in Nairobi is one that Martin Tairo Maseghe shares with Mwangi Wanjohi. The architect says: “I, too, have faced the same challenge as a father of girls, having to ask female strangers for help.” But the “family washroom at The Hub, Karen, is clean, large, with a toilet, bidet, sink, changing table for babies and with a lot of disinfectant.” His contact is [email protected]

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