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Saturday October 19 2019

BAD ROADS: With star athlete Eliud Kipchoge having achieved what had been considered impossible for a human being to do, running the marathon just under two hours, Derek Koome says some corporates are now falling over themselves to share in the astounding success that has been hugely celebrated worldwide. But one organisation that Derek wishes could be similarly encouraged to excel in its vital job of building infrastructure is the Kenya National Highways Authority. He wonders what KeNHA is doing about the huge potholes on the Airport South Road turn-off, near Amiran. "Eliud has ran his race, you should now run yours!" His contact is [email protected]

LIKONI CHAOS: The ferry nightmare is continuing, laments South Coast resident Pauline McKenzie, disappointed with the performance of the provider of the essential daily service that enables pedestrians and motorists to cross the Likoni channel linking the southern mainland to the tourist resort city of Mombasa. Many motorists, including truck drivers, she adds, often find themselves having to wait for more than two hours to get their vehicles onto the vessels when five ferries are in operation. Part of the problem, Pauline is fully convinced, is because the ferries are always being filled up with non-paying passengers. "Is this fair?" asks Pauline, whose contact is [email protected]

POOR QUALITY: The ongoing repair of the Ongata Rongai-Maasai Lodge-Nazarene University road, which a rather excited Charles Jowi said would be a welcome relief to many of the local residents once it is completed, is, in fact, in preparation for an upcoming graduation at Nazarene's main campus, says Deno Kiriama. However, Deno is not impressed with the quality of the work that has been done so far. Kajiado County authorities, and the concerned national roads agency, he urges, should ensure that this section of the road that leads to the newly-constructed Ongata Rongai standard gauge railway station is fully tarmacked. His contact is [email protected]

CLEAN CITY: Nairobi is growing fast into a truly cosmopolitan capital city, says Alnashir Walji, adding that residents have great pride in being tech-savvy, with social media abuzz, as new technology is embraced. “Towering buildings, huge malls, and cinema houses now abound, making the City in the Sun a well-developed urban centre. There are eateries of international stature, only comparable to those in the other mega African metropolises of Abidjan, Abuja, and Cairo, and efficient communication channels.” These, he appeals, must be guarded jealously by Nairobians against criminals and with every effort being made to attain a high degree of cleanliness! His contact is [email protected]

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