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Monday October 21 2019

MASHUJAA DAY: Yesterday's Mashujaa Day was the first national holiday to be celebrated in the coastal region since independence more than 50 years ago, says Mombasa resident Justin N. Nkaranga. This, he adds, was also a great opportunity for the Kenya Navy, which is based in the region, to fully showcase its expertise and skills and display its warships, confirming its readiness to resolutely protect the country's territorial waters from external aggression at all times. Justin is, therefore, quite critical of the few disgruntled Mombasa residents who had threatened to boycott this year's celebrations, as this would have spoilt such an auspicious national occasion. His contact is [email protected]

PARKING BOYS: A gang of big parking boys has in the past one week been waylaying and robbing people from about 5.30pm as they leave work in Upper Hill, Nairobi, reports CN. They target women particularly, whom they just walk up to and snatch handbags or phones. "If you try to resist, the whole gang will surround you." They also appear to work in cahoots with boda-boda riders. At the risk of being robbed are people walking from the Kenya Power office, the NHIF Building, and the Milimani Law Courts, going all the way down to Uhuru Park and up to the Haile Selassie roundabout in the city centre. She is appealing to the police to regularly patrol the area and stop the youthful muggers in their tracks.

NYERI BUMPS: The bumps erected on the highway at Ruring'u on the eastern outskirts of Nyeri Town are "very unfriendly, especially to small cars", says James Muthui, still reeling from the discomfort he suffered when he recently travelled from Kirinyaga County to Nyandarua through Nyeri Town. "A motor vehicle with a low ground clearance cannot pass without its bottom getting badly scraped." On the return journey, James opted for the Kiganjo-Karatina route. "This is one good example of how Nyeri Town risks losing opportunities due to the erection of some inappropriate bumps." His contact is [email protected]

GARBAGE COLLECTION: There is apparently a new garbage collection method in Nairobi that Ruth Gituma finds rather wanting, as it seems to negate the very purpose for which it is intended. She is talking about the collection of litter on some major streets and roads in the capital city, including James Gichuru Road and the Thika Superhighway, which are often swept clean and the garbage put into bags. These are then lined up along the same roads and left there for a long time instead of being immediately disposed of. The litter then becomes an eyesore and with the onset of the rains, "they become rather messy". Her contact is [email protected]

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