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Sunday November 10 2019

DATA SECURITY: Now that President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law the Data Protection Bill 2019, notes Andrew Limo, people who collect personally identifiable information (PII), such as the national identity card, mobile phone numbers and home addresses, face a new challenge: securing the information. “The new law says that such information must be collected only for explicit, specified and legitimate purposes and, if it must be released to a third party, then consent must be sought from those that it is derived from.” If a person’s security is compromised through the data that one collects and keeps, one should know that trouble is coming their way. His contact is [email protected]

HIDE AND SEARCH: On October 30, Kenneth Mwangi personally applied for a search at the Kajiado County Lands Registry, attaching copies of his title deed and national ID, and was advised to go for it the following day. He sent his agent on November 1 only to be told that it would be ready the following week. On November 6, he sent him again and they asked for the copies again. On November 8, he sent his agent again and he was told it would be ready on November 11. Tired of the long wait, Kenneth now wants to know what could be wrong. The reference is KJD/KAPUT IE NORTH/5894 and contact: [email protected]

DELAYED WOES: A good two years since he left his job with Barclays Bank of Kenya, Martin Ndung’u, 52, says he has been following up his pension benefits. A desperate Martin singles out the Human Resources Department for allegedly frustrating him and wishes Managing Director Jeremy Awori could intervene to get the matter sorted out so that he can access his money and cater for some of his pressing medical requirements. He says since September 20, 2017, his several attempts, including writing to the Central Bank of Kenya’s Bank Supervision section and Absa Bank of South Africa, which now owns Barclays Bank PLC’s Africa business, have been in vain. His contact is [email protected]

TRAPPINGS OF POWER: Until she watched the recent TV news conference footage of Chief Justice David Maraga strongly lamenting the refusal by the government to sanction the buying, for his official use, of a Mercedes Benz limousine yet the two Speakers — of the Senate and the National Assembly — have them, Ruth Gituma says, she had never realised just how much the “trappings of power matter”. She adds: “Not long ago, the CJ was accepting invitations and attending political rallies. What has changed? Will we ever have ‘servant leadership’?” Her contact is [email protected]

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