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Tuesday November 12 2019

PARTY NOMINATIONS: Congratulating ODM candidate Bernard 'Imran' Okoth for soundly winning the November 7 Kibra parliamentary by-election, Samuel Onyango says there is a major lesson here for the party leaders — the need to hold transparent nominations. “ODM retained the seat because the nomination was seen by the voters of Kibra to have been free and fair.” Whenever candidates are handpicked and imposed on the voters, Samuel adds, many of them are likely to reject the person that is favoured by the party hierarchy. His contact is [email protected]

GETTING INVOLVED: To prove that he was not anybody’s “project” as alleged by his detractors during the Kibra by-election campaigns, McDonald Mariga should “regularise his involvement in the constituency’s affairs and not just vanish”, Dave Tumbula advises. The losing candidate, he adds, should first transfer his voter registration from Starehe Constituency to Kibra and work with the new MP on projects including football development, which he had promised to implement. “I will not be sending him a fee note for this consultancy, but the next General Election is just under three years away.

PLASTIC BAN: With the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) having apparently eased surveillance to enforce the ban on the use of plastic bags, the “menace is back with a bang”, claims Paul Mburu. The main culprits, he adds, are the ‘mama mboga’ who sell vegetables and other groceries in roadside stalls and markets in the towns, and also in the rural trading centres. Also flouting the ban are milk bars and fruit-selling kiosks and other petty traders. This, he laments, further confirms the tendency by the Kenyan authorities to rush into outlawing things only to run out of steam during the implementation of the ban. His contact is [email protected]

RASICM: Why one race should be regarded as superior to others, which is rampant in the United States, Alnashir Walji remarks, is something he cannot come to terms with. Racism is often manifested in slurs against sports people but he is happy about the action taken against some culprits. In South Africa, apartheid was abolished and Nelson Mandela became the first elected black President in the 1990s. And ethnic hate can lead to gruesome killings, as in the 1994 Rwanda genocide. His contact is [email protected]

Have a humanitarian day, won’t you!