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Sunday November 17 2019

EXAM 'ACCIDENTS': The Kenya National Examinations Council has, during the ongoing KCSE exams, shown inexcusable negligence in its prime duty, charges Eliab Otiato. He is particularly alarmed about reports from different parts of the country that some of the candidates and invigilators were exposed to toxic chemicals. Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, Eliab adds, is wrong to downplay the claims; he should initiate an investigation after some of the chemistry practical paper incident victims were admitted to hospital. Those affected are justified to sue the government. His contact: [email protected]

COUNTERFEITS: Technological advancement, though desirable and necessary to boost production, also makes possible the manufacture of counterfeit goods that have an adverse impact on industry, says F Mukembu. It’s worrying, he adds, that for every product that is made today, there is an imitation of it in the market, which some unsuspecting innocent customers are falling prey to. “The national attention is now on a few maize flour brands, but I’m sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg and should be a wake-up call to the Kenya Bureau of Standards to conduct thorough checks on all the factories to sniff out the fakes.” His contact is [email protected]

DANGEROUS ROADS: The only thing Madat Verjee would be happy to see the MCA for Parklands/Highridge Ward in Nairobi, Jayendra Malde, do is to ensure that the city county authorities prioritise the repair and routine maintenance of the roads in the upmarket suburb. He wants the local leader to exert pressure to get some work done on the pothole-ridden First, Second and Fifth Parklands avenues and Masari Road, which are crying for repairs with the ongoing rains having turned them into pools of stagnant water. He fears that they will turn into a deathtrap as motorists, not knowing just how deep they are, could smash into them, endangering them and their passengers. His contact is [email protected]

PECULIAR KENYANS: Since then-Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph caused quite a stir with his famous “peculiar calling habits” of Kenyans, the list of these distinct actions and behaviour appears to grow, says Mwangi Karuga. He cites the tendency by some speakers to say “With those few remarks…” after speaking for an hour and those who borrow your newspaper, just after you buy it, to read it before you do. Others donate to build or renovate churches, but won’t give a cent for the construction of a hospital. His contact is [email protected]

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