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Monday December 9 2019

SHODDY JOB: The trouble with the leadership of Nairobi County, Kamichore Mutindira remarks, is that it is wont to engage in melodrama all the time without seeming to realise that there is time for everything. Kamichore is particularly irritated to see that Tom Mboya Street’s tarmac is already peeling off though it was recarpeted in January. “Quite absurd is the explanation by the county bosses that it is because of the ongoing heavy rains. It was not raining nails to chip off the paved roads. The nearby Luthuli Avenue was also redone two months ago and is also falling apart.” His contact is [email protected]

TRUCKLOAD OF NUISANCE: In the opposition to the government’s recent directive to ferry cargo from Mombasa port to Nairobi only on the standard gauge railway, Cornelius Oliko is convinced that the protesting truck owners are literally on their own. Says he: “Any regular road user will tell you that these trucks pose the biggest danger on the highways and are a big nuisance and an annoyance along the way. Knowing that they drive the biggest and most powerful vehicles, coupled with their political correctness, the truckers are just like the rogue matatu drivers, but with an advantage from power and size. Perhaps this is where they should begin their redemption.” His contact is [email protected]

NAIL ON THE HEAD: Pastor Susan Munene’s rather funny ‘twa twa’ message to couples on how to flavour and strengthen their marriages, which has been trending on social media platforms lately, “has nailed it”, remarks Edwin Kariuki. The lack of sex in marriage, he adds, might just be the main reason why so many such unions don’t last these days. “Many of us have taken the message hilariously and yet it ought to have taught us a lesson. I like the way the pastor has changed tack from preaching the biblical teachings to speaking about the reality in people’s lives. The clergy should always counsel their congregations on such essential matters.” His contact is [email protected]

DOWRY TAX: Nothing has elicited as much excitement in the past few days as the talk about the Kenya Revenue Authority preparing to begin taxing bride price, which the agency has disowned. Mwangi Wanjohi was already seeing the KRA facing serious challenges in enforcing this. “How, for instance, would they have computed tax on bride price paid in animals, linen, honey and other food items? Would they have been kind enough to wait until the items are sold before getting their pound of flesh or accept tax in kind, just as it is paid?” His contact is [email protected]

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