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Friday December 13 2019

COLLUSION: Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge's admission that the regulator was sleeping on the job when Imperial and other banks collapsed in the early days of his tenure is not good enough, says a disappointed Caleb Opuka. He is convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that there was some official collusion to enable the bank managers and directors at the time to go scot-free after stealing depositors' money. "The governor had vowed to get the culprits arrested but he now seems to have gone quiet, leaving poor depositors literally on their own. "At Imperial Bank, large depositors have lost 80 per cent of their savings, and their Chase Bank counterparts, some 25 per cent of their deposits." His contact is [email protected]

ROAD SAFETY: Some of the creative new ways the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is using to sensitise motorists and other road users are resonating with the public, says Churchill Amatha, who singles out for praise the agency's traffic tips. Delivered by NTSA via the hashtag #Besure, he adds, they are a timely intervention as they are being aired on TV during prime time viewing. "There must be deliberate efforts to educate and save the lives of Kenyans on the roads. Since we cannot be sure of the quality of driving instruction and may not know the real background of motorists, all Kenyans must contribute to making roads safer, as all of us are affected in one way or the other." His contact is [email protected]

CUSTOMER CARE: It's been several months since an angry KCB customer, Emmanuel Waya complained about the long delay in processing his cheque, but, as the saying goes, all is well that ends well. Says he: "Thank you for publishing my complaint about the Karen branch in Nairobi a few months ago. I'm happy to note that the branch manager has corrected the situation. Thumbs up, KCB Karen for valuing customer feedback and improving services!" It all started on a Friday morning, when he deposited a ''KCB to KCB cheque'' into his account, but it had not been cleared by Saturday afternoon. He was even more upset that there was no apology from the bank, despite having been assured by a customer care representative that it would be done before the close of business on Friday. His contact is [email protected]

RICH LEGACY: Following the death last Saturday of German preacher Reinhard Bonnke, the world has lost one of its greatest televangelists, says Eldoret-based gospel musician David Chegerichman. The man, he adds, had more than six decades of a spiritually-rich gospel ministry, whose impact was felt all over the globe, including Africa, and it was out of sheer grit and determination. David recalls that in one of his crusades in Eldoret town some years back, he did not just preach to win over people to Christianity, but had good lessons for all to learn on how to improve their lives. Impressed with the legacy left by Bonnke, he feels motivated enough to also become an evangelist. His contact is [email protected]

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