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Sunday January 12 2020

OBSCENITY ON WHEELS: There is a huge overdose of immoral music in matatus, laments Dominic Manwa, adding that the NTSA and the traffic police should urgently look into this mess. “In this age of information overload, who really needs the large screens in matatus playing this loud and morally depraving music day and night in the name of entertainment?” he asks. The late Transport minister John Michuki, Dominic recalls, had streamlined the rogue public transport sector so that Kenyans could travel safely and in peace to their destinations. “How allow these crude matatu drivers and touts to turn their vehicles into veritable satanic boxes?” he asks. His contact is [email protected]

‘CURSE SQUAD’: A recent Nation story on how fear of the revered Njuri Ncheke led to the recovery of stolen chickens made some interesting reading, remarks Chris Kiriba. The traditional Meru council of leaders, Chris suggests, should now be considered for recruitment by the National Police Service as a special elite unit to fight corruption. It will not need sophisticated weapons or training, he says. “Simply invoking of the feared ‘Kithiri curse’ will be enough to stop the vice. The monumental theft of public resources will henceforth never be heard of again.” His contact is [email protected]

DELAYED DRIVING: After doing his driving lessons with Glory Driving School in Nairobi last August, Ozgul Aimee was looking forward to getting the new edition driving licence after passing the test, but this has remained elusive. Says he: “I registered with e-Citizen on the instructions on the driving school. To this day, I have not even received my interim driver’s licence. I keep logging into my e-Citizen portal account with zero success. It’s now over four months. I am very disappointed that I cannot get the licence, which I need to be able to go to school and work.” He is waiting for an answer from Glory and the NTSA. His contact is [email protected]

‘LET US PREY’: As economic challenges continue to bite, Ruth Gituma notes, the only profitable business left is, apparently, the running of churches by some unscrupulous people masquerading as pastors who prey on their unsuspecting followers. “At almost every corner and building, there seems to be house of worship or place with huge speakers and banners displaying the names of churches and pastors.” Ruth strongly feels that it’s time these churches were regulated, with thorough audits done. Her contact is [email protected]

Have a godly day, won’t you!