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Monday January 13 2020

CRIME CONUNDRUM: The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has lately come in for praise for tackling crime by promptly arresting suspects, but David Mwangi is rather disappointed that it is taking too long to solve his case. On August 25 last year, thieves broke into his photo studio at Cigma Business Centre in Nakuru Town and stole goods and other property worth more than Sh500,000. When he reported the burglary to Nakuru Central Police Station (OB/No. 22/26/08/2019), DCI detectives dusted for fingerprints and took CCTV footage but nothing has happened after that. “Now, I am beginning to wonder whether justice will ever be done.” His contact is [email protected]

LOCUST LOCUS: Tom Mwiraria sees a threat to biodiversity in the handling of the invasion by locusts devouring vegetation. “I am deeply concerned that the spraying of locusts will cause collateral damage, especially the decimation of millions of innocent, hapless, significant and friendly insects such as bees, beetles, moths, butterflies, praying mantis and a host of other pollinators.” That “might be catastrophic, destabilising nature’s equilibrium and threatening the survival of the affected communities”. He concludes: “A solution could be an organic chemical that affects locusts only.” His contact is [email protected]

TAXMAN'S TARGET: As the government grapples with the hefty financial burden on its shoulders arising from its huge appetite for loans, Steve Njogu says he is not surprised that almost every day it slaps the ordinary people with new levies. On e-Citizen services, for example, there is the peculiar ‘convenience fee’ on top of the charges for services. This, he strongly believes, amounts to double taxation. “Now, we are being told about the introduction of yet another one in the name of ‘patriotism tax’. I wonder what such other levies await us in this new year as we grapple with the rising living expenses.” His contact is [email protected]

DEATHLY DARKNESS: The officer in charge of installation and maintenance of streetlights in Nairobi City County either has a grudge against or has forgotten Ngumba Estate and Garden City Mall’s environs off the Thika Superhighway, moans Norah Mbogori. “The roads leading to the residential estate and mall are deathly dark, which has contributed to the rising insecurity in the past few months. Several thefts and muggings and other criminal acts have occurred in the once-peaceful estate.” Her contact is [email protected]

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