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Monday January 20 2020

NHIF RULES: Just like other people who have criticised the new NHIF contributor rules that President Kenyatta rejected, Ruth Gituma says they should never see the light of day. Though meant to streamline services and curb fraud in the parastatal, she states, the rules were also unrealistic. “Most of the members who depend on the NHIF, especially from the informal sector, really struggle to pay the minimum amount. How, then, will the new rules assist them?” Ruth would like an assurance from the bosses that the NHIF can “account for the billions of shillings it has collected so far from the contributors”. Her contact is [email protected]

MOBILE FRAUD: After realising that he had been cheated in a mobile phone fraud on October 21 last year, David Kuria Njoroge reported the matter to Kikuyu Police Station. An officer was assigned the case and applied to Safaricom for data to enable the quick investigation and arrest of the fraudsters. But to date the data has not been provided by the mobile telephony service provider. The culprits, he claims, are well-known in the locality and often brag about their continued escapades. David, who has the offensive phone numbers, is surprised that Safaricom’s anti-fraud department claims to have blocked them. For the details, he can be reached on Tel 0726757490 or [email protected]


COURTESY: Automated Teller Machines (ATM) lounges are a public utility and should be used carefully, says F. Mukembu. However, he adds, many people forget that, as a matter of courtesy, they should never just play around with the machine but quickly withdraw or deposit their money within the expected duration and leave the facility. “Some are even heard making phone calls while inside the lounge, forgetting that other people are waiting outside for their turn to use it. Let ATM users mind the interest of all the other customers standing on the queue.” His contact is [email protected]

NAKUMATT POINTS: Forget about the customer loyalty points for former retail giant Nakumatt Supermarket, accountant Chenya Kelvin Mambuya advises Reuben Ndegwa. “From the audited reports by Parker and Randall East Africa, the firm has net trade receivables of Sh3.9 billion after providing for an impairment of Sh93 million as of 28 February 2018. The customer loyalty points control account had Sh1.8 billion, which should have been treated in a loyalty liability account. Redeeming loyalty points translates into a liability and unredeemed points should be treated as deferred revenue and not an asset. And they are categorised as expired points.” His contact is [email protected]

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