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Thursday January 23 2020

BITTER SUGAR: The proposal to zone sugarcane growing areas and for farmers to only sell their produce to particular millers to “curb the poaching of cane” is archaic, paternalistic and colonial, remarks Prof Maina Muchara. Seeing it as tantamount to stealing a farmer’s property, the university don says: “It is the work of the police to protect that property, and the owners should be allowed to sell to whoever they want.” This is the best proof that a change of attitude by the authorities on how to treat the farmers and ensure they get a return on their investment and labour “is long overdue”. His contact is [email protected]

PENDING BILLS: On the issue of the pending bills that remains such a big headache in nearly all the 47 counties, Joy Mukora says that the other governors should emulate their Nyeri County counterpart, Kahiga Mutahi, who has done pretty well on that score. She wishes all could now heed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appeal to the counties to pay their suppliers and contractors to help revitalise the economy. “Payments should always be timely as the contractors invest heavily to be able to implement the projects. Prompt payment will enable them to take up new projects for the development of infrastructure and the economy as a whole.” His contact is [email protected]

TERROR SCARE: There is a reliable security apparatus to warn citizens of impending terrorist attacks, notes Justin N. Nkaranga, appealing to his fellow Kenyans to “stop the false security alarms on social media”. The scary reports, he says, should be sent to the security agencies and never made public. He would rather the admins of the various groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms disable, dismantle or disallow such posts. “People have cancelled their trips to certain destinations fearing for their lives over posts which later turn out to be a hoax. Please abstain.” His contact is [email protected]

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: Mombasa resident Derek Liech is rather amused about the ongoing recarpeting of pavements with murram and the building of kerbs along the dual carriage Karisa Maitha Road in Kisauni Sub-County. This, Derek explains, is just a glaring case of undertaking a task that does not add value to the neighbourhood. Whenever it rains, like now, the road gets flooded due to poor drainage, making it almost impassable, and motor vehicles stall. He wishes the roads agency and the county could fix the potholes and improve the storm water drainage, then later decorate the pavements and kerbs. His contact is [email protected]

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