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Sunday February 9 2020

PASSPORT PAIN: Recalling a campaign to speed up public service delivery, in which organisations set targets for themselves, Annie Ngige wants to know just how long it should take to issue a passport to her seven-month-old nephew. She claims some fellows at the Immigration Department in Nyayo House, Nairobi, had asked Glen Ngigi Mwangi’s mother whether she “…knows anyone inside…”. Annie adds: “We need the passport now or they should refund the application fee and tell us which country to take the baby to so he can get a passport!” The confirmation number is CPP1-MOT8YVD and her contact, [email protected]

PECULIAR DEMANDS: Some of the demands that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission places on job seekers, like obtaining a mandatory certificate against corruption that some employers now ask for, are unfair, says Dr Norman Olembo. It beats logic for the EACC to require even holders of a college diploma or university degree to present their high school certificates, having graduated many years ago. This is so and yet one would not have been admitted to, say, the University of Nairobi, for a degree course without having passed quite well in the high school examinations. “The EACC should not frustrate those of us who are looking for jobs to earn an honest living.” His contact [email protected]

POWER PUNISHMENT: Kenya Power is needlessly punishing its customers by sending erroneous postpaid bills only for their field staff to sneak in and disconnect power just before the weekend, moans Christine Ng’ang’a. This happened to her over a week ago and, at the utility’s Electricity House offices on Aga Khan Walk in downtown Nairobi, management staff conceded that the field officers should have seen that a residential house could not have consumed the high number of units they took as the metre reading. And she is not amused at having to pay readjustment fees and the punitive reconnection fee for their own error. Her contact is [email protected]

DISTURBANCE: Out of hours! Angry Mombasa resident Nigel Henson has a beef with some big firms. “Why do the big companies send out their SMS at such an unwelcome time of the day?” He singles out NCBA Bank, the product of a recent merger between NIC Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), for sending him a text message at 6.29am, and Kenya Power at 1.45am. “As I have children overseas, I have to keep my phone on 24/7. Why do they have to disturb people who are sleeping?” His contact is [email protected]

Have a sensitive day, won’t you!