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Sunday February 23 2020

ALIEN CULTURE: All the excitement over February 14, the annual so-called global lovers’ day, when people shower their loved ones with flowers and all manner of gifts, says Justin N. Nkaranga, is a foreign concept that he has no time for and wishes could be done away with. “This Valentine’s Day is just borrowed culture, which should be practised by its owners or investors. Otherwise, this has proven quite difficult to be freely adopted by most Africans and Asians. After all, not all the borrowed cultures can fit in the systems of all humankind.” His contact is [email protected]

INVERTED PRIORITIES: The Ministry of Education’s request to The National Treasury to set aside funds for the construction of teacher training colleges is the height of misplaced priorities, says Chris Kiriba. This does not make sense at all, he adds, as thousands of trained teachers cannot get jobs even amid an acute teacher shortage in schools. “What the ministry needs is to recall all the teachers to the existing colleges and retrain them for the new competency-based curriculum.” His contact is [email protected]

SLEEPING ON THE JOB: The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) needs to streamline the processing of driving licence applications, says John Middletown. He and Nigel Henson applied for their licences in Mombasa on September 20, 2018. Their applications were forwarded to the NTSA headquarters in Nairobi in the same envelope. John says NTSA mislaid his, and he had to reapply in April 2019. “I’m still waiting for my driving licence. If I spend much more time going to their Mombasa office, they will have to give me an employee number and start paying me a salary to compensate me for wasting my valuable time,” he says. His contact is [email protected]

CROOKED LENDERS: Credit reference bureaus (CRBs), Moses Kariri notes, “are mandated to streamline the lending culture”, and this is why they are registered and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. Unfortunately, he laments, they have been listing Kenyans who borrow from unregistered and unregulated mobile apps operated by crooks! “Some of the apps charge up to 20 per cent interest on 14-day credit, including on penalties and late payments, and shame borrowers to their phone contacts. “It’s time the CRBs stopped helping the thieves.” His contact is [email protected]

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