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Monday February 24 2020

POLICE MISUSE: Roadblocks, which Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai directed be deployed sparingly and after being sanctioned by regional bosses, are back in full force, remarks Epimach Maritim. Epimach narrates his recent trip to Eldoret Town: “Between Eldoret and Nairobi, I counted nine roadblocks manned by at least six officers! Is this not a misuse of human resources? Even with this number of police stops, road indiscipline continues, the usual culprits being boda-boda, matatu and VIP vehicles. Can’t these officers be deployed elsewhere?” His contact is [email protected]


LEGACY: Since the death of former President Daniel arap Moi on February 4 until the February 12 state burial at his Kabarak home in rural Nakuru County, Ruth Gituma says, there have been key lessons to future leaders to learn from the “avalanche of condolence messages and tributes”. What is certain, she adds, is that Moi left a mark during his 24-year reign, singling out construction and expansion of schools and hospitals. “Most importantly, he relinquished leadership when many thought he would not. This should serve as a lesson to leaders.” Her big questions to the current leaders are: “How would you want to be remembered? Do you make an impact on the people you lead?” Her contact is [email protected]

FILTHY CAPITAL: Kiambu Town, the seat of power of one of the richest counties, has lately enjoyed its more than fair share of bad publicity, what with the recent impeaching of its second governor over graft allegations, says Njuguna Mwaniki. It is a shame that streetlights in the town have been dead for a month yet Kenya Power boasts a big office right there. “Appeals to look into this have been met by blank stares and empty promises.” Njuguna hopes Governor James Nyoro will deal with the widespread filth and the hundreds of stray dogs in “Nairobi’s bedroom”. His contact is [email protected]

LOO OF LAW: During a recent visit to the rather posh Diamond Plaza in the Parklands suburb of Nairobi, Rajesh Gohil disliked only one thing: the lack of public toilets in the shopping area, and this despite there being more than 20 restaurants. He would have expected that, in a facility with food stalls, the management would prioritise a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. But that is not possible, apparently due to lack of adequate clean water. While it is in the interest of the owners to ensure that patrons enjoy excellent facilities, Rajesh also hopes that the county public health department will strictly enforce regulations on hygiene. His contact is [email protected]

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