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Wednesday March 25 2020

MILITARY EFFICIENCY: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to have Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko transfer key functions to the new Nairobi Metropolitan Services, Fidel Wangai claims, must have been inspired by the military efficiency on display during former President Daniel arap Moi’s funeral. By picking Maj-Gen Mohamed Abdalla Badi, he adds, the President was keen to have the elegance, discipline, perfection, coordination and supervision injected by the team headed by the decorated soldier. “Smart move, Mr President, and all the best, Maj-Gen Badi.” His contact is [email protected]
SGR PENALTY: One of the functions badly affected by the strict guidelines slapped on Kenyans to help curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus is transport. After all, the people are being asked to stay at home as fears mount. It is for this reason Jotham Kilimo Mwale is unhappy with Kenya Railways Corporation, under whose ambit the standard gauge railway passenger and cargo services operate. He accuses the SGR of profiteering off the pandemic by still charging the usual 30 per cent penalty for ticket cancellations. “This is quite insensitive. Even airlines and others are reducing, if not waiving, such penalties as the situation is beyond the passengers’ control.” His contact is [email protected]

DELAYED PAYMENT: There was no doubt that the government planned well and allocated adequate funds, in fact, billions of shillings, for the national census carried out in August last year. However, Edwin Kamau is bitter that, despite providing a service to one of the organisations involved, he is yet to be paid for the hire of his motor vehicle. Several visits to the contractor and the agency that used his vehicle, he laments, have yielded nothing and there’s hardly light at the end of the tunnel, leaving him with a big loss. “Can the government ensure that I get paid for the service I provided seven months ago?” he asks. His contact is [email protected]

BANKING ON GREED: Despite the recent repeal of the interest rate caps, some banks are yet to be satisfied with looting from wananchi and “continue levying their crazy charges”, remarks Carey Yiembe. He cannot, for instance, understand why customers should be charged to check their bank account balances. “Even for M-Pesa transactions involving the same amount, the different banks’ charges are as varied as the surface of the moon! Surely, can’t there be some uniformity on this, or is the focus only on the end-of-year profit margins? Please, give Kenyans a break.” His contact is [email protected]

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