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Thursday April 9 2020

ETR ADJUSTMENT: The government has done well to reduce VAT by two per cent and Kenyans are grateful for that, remarks John Nyaga. However, John is disappointed that the suppliers of electronic tax register (ETR) machines are taking advantage of a desperate situation to exploit traders by withholding training and hoarding documentation. “Most traders had to take the machines to them for rate adjustment, paying a minimum Sh1,500 per machine. The suppliers are making hundreds of millions. They should be ashamed of exploiting the pandemic to make money. The government and KRA should deregister the crooked ones,” pleads John, whose contact is [email protected]

WITHDRAWAL FEE: The reader who suggested that Safaricom waive its M-Pesa withdrawal fee for amounts below Sh1,000 got it all wrong, says J. Mutisya. The scrapping of money transfer charges was meant to discourage the use of cash, he says; therefore, even Mama Mboga should use M-Pesa while purchasing supplies. “This should also discourage those who include withdrawal fees whenever they pay using M-Pesa. We should support the government’s fight against Covid-19 by not including withdrawal fees in person-to-person M-Pesa transfers.” His contact is [email protected]

LOST IN TRANSMISSION: A loyal Zuku internet customer, Rushab Shah, says he has not been getting value for his money and can no longer stand it. The Nairobi resident claims that whenever he pays for 30mbps in his Wi-Fi subscription he ends up getting only 20mbps. “I also check every single day, at different times, and the speed varies between 10mpbs and 20mpbs for only one device. When the Wi-Fi is completely down, there is no compensation. When we call, we are kept on hold for 15 to 20 minutes on average before it is answered. This is not fair. I have had enough.” In case the Zuku bosses wish to explain to Rushab what is going on, his contact is [email protected]

BRIBERY VIRUS: The latest addition to the ways crooked police use to extort money from Kenyans is the directive that nobody should step out in public without wearing a face mask, as one of the means to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The officers have been afflicted by the “bribable offence virus”, Duncan Willets remarks, “taking advantage of one for not wearing a mask while driving. The police officer isn’t wearing one either, of course! They have their laws on their side. It costs Sh6,000 to get away from them.” His contact is [email protected]

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