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Sunday February 11 2018

Colossal amounts: Though colossal amounts of money were spent several years ago on the installation of security surveillance cameras and traffic lights in Nairobi, Diana D’souza notes, nothing seems to be working. As a result, she adds, “we still see traffic police manning the roads”. However, she is disappointed that many drivers don’t give way to the traffic on the right at roundabouts!” And worse, “you have crazy drivers still speeding and zigzagging down the highways”. What is the NTSA doing about this? asks Diana, whose contact is [email protected]


Grave danger: The newly rebuilt Outering Road in Nairobi’s Eastlands, which has for long been notorious as a major killer of pedestrians, S. Patrick says, has had the grave danger doubled. Following yet another accident in which a pedestrian was killed last week in Kariobangi North, he would like the city county’s roads department to quickly liaise with the Kenya Urban Road Authority to curb deaths. Though the ideal solution is to erect a footbridge, which is bound to take some time and cost more, Patrick is appealing for bumps or rumble strips to be erected at the stop. His contact is [email protected]

Career diplomats: As diplomatic neophytes prepare to take office, Taabu Tele says that in dire need of some quick basic training on etiquette and rules are these political operatives. However, he is disappointed that the tendency to place the politically connected into key jobs in the Foreign Service only demoralises career diplomats, “who have been overlooked at the altar of sectarian political interests”. He concludes: “Kenya is the loser when diplomats with the skills to market our country are shunned while newcomers are exported to feather their nests at our expense.” His contact is [email protected]

New curriculum: The proposed education curriculum to be rolled out next year, Chris Kiribia, should give equal emphasis to equipping the young learners with both skills and theoretical knowledge. From the basic training of a teacher, he explains, the ability to carry out an activity or do a job well calls for a thorough understanding of the subject matter. A competence-based curriculum, he concludes, needs both, as none can stand without the other in moulding the learner to become a more useful member of the society. His contact is [email protected]

Equity bank book: Begging to have the final word on the authorship of the new book on Equity Bank’s seminal success is university don X.N. Iraki. Says he: “The claim that local dons missed an opportunity to tell the Equity Bank story is not true. We were just not invited to contribute to the book. I have personally written about the bank in the media. However, the plain truth is that we tend to believe foreign scholars more than locals even when addressing local issues such as witchcraft or dowry negotiations.” His contact is [email protected]

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