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Sunday February 18 2018

CALLOUS CRIME: Describing the recent killing by Al-Shabaab terrorists in Wajir County of two schoolteachers and the wife of one of them, as a “callous crime”, Chris Kiriba says: “The only sin they committed in the eyes of their killers was their selflessness and dedication to duty.” He poses: “If dedication to one’s calling is a crime, then what isn’t? If the only language that can be understood by the perpetrators of this crime is brutal force, then it should be brought down hard on them. Teachers and other people must be fully protected to carry out their daily duties.” His contact is [email protected].

FIX THE ROAD: Since 2012, Benjamin Ashuma says, he has been religiously travelling along the Kaweru-Gakuyu-Gakurwe road in February to go and enjoy the juicy mango fruits in Murang’a County. But what always surprises him, he adds, is that the road is “ever under repair, not with tarmac, but with murram”. And yet, this same road leads to the Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga tourist site that keeps the history of the origin of the Agikuyu. Can Murang’a County leaders and local MP James Nyoro, please, ensure that the road is tarmacked before February 2019, Benjamin appeals. His contact is [email protected]

ILLEGAL STRUCTURES: Sometime last year, David Jasondu recalls, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) personnel demolished some illegal structures on the Southern Bypass right behind Lang’ata Estate in Nairobi. However, the traders have come back, and are rapidly putting up their structures on the road reserve and resisting any attempts by the local residents to repulse them. “Who are these stubborn fellows defying official directives with such impunity? KeNHA should move quickly move and demolish the structures, again, Jasondu demands.

OFFICERS TO BLAME: Making a mockery of the rebuilt Outering Road in Nairobi, Muriuki Kanyiri claims, are the police officers, who fail to ensure a smooth traffic flow. “After the billions of shillings spent on it, the officers allow matatus to stop on the road, waiting to pick up passengers, blocking traffic for nearly 30 minutes on a two-kilometre stretch. To rub salt on the wound, he adds, the officers will be chatting away on their phones or extorting bribes, especially between Pipeline Estate and Taj Mall. His contact is [email protected]

FILTHY VIDEOS: The government, Alnashir D. Walji vividly recalls, many years ago banned the possession of pornographic magazines, but the filth is now back with a vengeance through videos that are often screened in matatus to the annoyance of many commuters. A hardworking nation such as Kenya, he adds, has no time for the purveying of such immoral stuff, and, therefore, the government should crack down on distributors and those screening such lewd content, including “indecent, deafening music”, says Alnashir, whose contact is [email protected]

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