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The cutting edge

Wednesday March 14 2018

KNH BOSS. The call to appoint an expatriate as Kenyatta National Hospital CEO is one Peter Njoroge won’t buy, saying it implies that there is something inherently wrong with local managers. The solution to the problems at KNH and other institutions is the rule of law. ”Some people think there are no competent Africans who can manage companies/institutions well, despite good examples, such as Auditor-General Edward Ouko, ex-ombudsman Otiende Amollo and former anti-graft czar John Githongo,” he says. His contact is [email protected].


JOGOO ROAD JAM. The traffic between Nairobi’s Eastlands and the city centre along Jogoo Road is always a big nightmare for the residents, laments Charles Mwendwa, likening it to the biblical saying that it easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle! “Travelling from Donholm to the city centre and vice-versa during peak hours is not easy. Residents are left to bear the brunt as they are forced to wake up as early as 4am — which is dangerous, what with insecurity rife.” His contact is [email protected].


POWER BILL SPIKE. Nairobi resident Peter Ngare will be happy if Kenya Power explained what, to him, is nothing but a billing mystery. His average electricity bill has for years been Sh800, hence his utter shock when he was slapped with a Sh9,011.52 bill for February. The tyranny of hefty bills continued in March with the utility demanding Sh5,674.52. “Mark you, my family’s power consumption has not changed, which is why I believe this is a blatant rip-off. Can Kenya Power explain this spike in my bill?” His meter number is 30386500 and contact [email protected].


FOREST OF PROBLEMS. The destruction of forests is going on unabated before the very eyes of the Kenya Forest Service, remarks Daniel Masaku, adding that it’s unfair to victimise junior officers. Some cases of unfair targeting, he claims, are yet to be determined many years later. He appeals to Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko to shake up the parastatal so it can get out of its deep slumber and protect forests. “Some of those accused died before their cases were solved while those still alive are languishing in poverty.” His contact is [email protected],


‘42’ HORROR. A gang calling itself Forty-Two Brothers, Benjamin Ashuma reports, is giving villagers in Butere Sub-County of Kakamega sleepless nights with raids in homes armed with machetes and other crude weapons. Also targeted are people arriving at night by bus from Nairobi and elsewhere, whose belongings they snatch. And lately, the gangsters have attacked mourners at funerals and gone scot-free despite being well known to the villagers. “Can the OCPD move in quickly and neutralise this gang?” pleads Benjamin, whose contact is [email protected].


ANTICIPATORY BAIL. The claim that the judicial system “has gone to the dogs”, just because some suspects have been granted bail by courts, smacks of total ignorance, says Polycarp Moriasi. Waxing legal, he adds: “Anticipatory bail is founded in law. It is mainly used by victims of trumped-up charges. Bail is what the critic called ‘going to court to prevent the police from arresting someone’. Bail is a right protected by the Constitution based on the notion that one is innocent until proven guilty,” says Polycarp, whose contact is [email protected].


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