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Rule on diplomas unfair

Friday October 20 2017

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The suspension of the university credit transfer system for diploma holders is a retrogressive decision that seeks to punish rather than encourage academic enterprise.

The new rules mean that diploma holders wanting to pursue degree courses in universities will have to start their studies in first year instead of year two as has been the case.

The rationale behind the credit transfer scheme, which is a global practice in higher education, is that the student has spent between one and three years on the lower cadre course and as such he will not be entering university as a complete novice as far as the academic programme is concerned.


Now, this punitive measure mean that the time, money and other resources invested in a diploma course will count for nothing because universities will lock them out. Granted, the Commission for University Education says it is working with other stakeholders to review the admission system into universities and come up with fresh guidelines to come into force from next year.

We hope the new system will countermand the suspension of the credit transfer system and reinstate it.

Most diploma holders are examined and certified by the national examiner, the Kenya National Examination Council, and it will, therefore, be inane to consign their credentials to the dustbin when they seek to pursue higher qualification.