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Recruit fairly for military

Tuesday February 13 2018

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Recruitment into the military is a great opportunity for young people to show their patriotism by signing up to serve and defend their country.

It’s, therefore, a great honour to be given a chance to wear the national uniform.

And there could be no better moment than now, when the country is under threat from terrorists from Somalia, who have been violating our common border.

However, with the high unemployment rate afflicting youth, this is more about a job and an avenue to escape poverty.

There are many young people who meet the minimum academic and other qualifications required, but there are just not enough places.

This creates room for corruption, with some parents and guardians willing to pay a bribe to get theirs admitted.

There have been cases of crooked recruiting officers colluding with con men to literally sell the vacancies.

We commend the military for catching and punishing the culprits.

It’s quite encouraging to hear an assurance by top military officials that the countrywide recruitment will be free of corruption and fair to all.

They have also warned cheats of dire consequences if caught. The invitation of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the National Intelligence Service, National Police Service and Transparency International to help deter graft is laudable. The 2,000 positions must be filled transparently.