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Curb agony of flooding

Wednesday February 14 2018

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The warning by the weatherman about impending floods should be a source of concern.

However, it’s not surprising that there are no frantic efforts being made now to mitigate the looming disaster.

To many Kenyans, including the authorities, who should be leading a campaign to limit destruction by floods, it’s almost business as usual.

The country appears to have resigned itself to fate.

We seem to have accepted that floods will come, raze homes, destroy roads and other infrastructure, and all we can do is begin to rebuild once the deluge subsides.

When weather forecasting was inaccurate, we could be forgiven for not taking measures to prevent disaster.

Predictions come true, and we should not let the mess happen and lament later.

The weatherman is warning that the coast, Nairobi, eastern and northeastern regions will be the hardest hit when the skies upon.


It’s a shame however that most of the water will just flow to waste.

And as if to mock the people’s helplessness, after the rains, the perennial acute water shortages will return.

The policy is right on the need to harvest and conserve rain water.

The tragedy is failure to build the capacity to do that. Where are the dams to trap the water?

Why can’t we empower institutions and individuals to harvest rain water from their roofs?

We cannot forever remain at the mercy of the elements.