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Don’t let talent go to waste

Thursday August 16 2018

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It’s again that time of the year when the public has a chance to savour the budding musical talent in the universities, tertiary colleges and schools.

This year, Nyeri County has the honour of hosting the Kenya National Music Festival.

And going by reports from the venue, Dedan Kimathi University, the participants, right from nursery schools to universities, are not only brimming with talent, but have also made high quality presentations. The groups seem to have prepared quite well for the competition and the eventual winners will deserve the accolades.

Over the years, the music festival has served as a crucial platform for budding artistes to showcase their talents in the creative and performing arts.

Together with the drama festival, usually held earlier in the year, the ongoing shows demonstrate that the participants have what it takes to excel in these fields should they choose to pursue full-time careers as musicians or thespians.

What has been consistently lacking is the mechanism or a proper system to enable the artistes to transition from the school-based performances to full-fledged careers. At a time when jobs for youth are so hard to come by, it is a shame that the talent displayed annually at these festivals is left to go to waste. Sorely needed is a system to harness, nurture and guide this talent.

This is where the relevant state agencies concerned with youth development and private enterprises and organisations should step in and assist these young Kenyans to realise their dreams.

It commendable that the Youth Enterprise Development Fund has come up with an initiative – Talanta Loan – aimed financing young Kenyans keen on excelling in the creative and performing arts. The fund should create awareness about this facility so that talented youth can access it and get their careers going.