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Fix city leadership crisis

Friday January 24 2020

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The leadership crisis in Nairobi City County calls for decisive action.

It is a complex matter with various facets, including a graft case against Governor Mike Sonko.

Though barred from office until he is cleared of the allegations against him, Sonko, apparently, still conducts some roles. One is his appointment of the deputy governor.

This is a constitutional office that residents have been denied for no good reason, yet Sonko dilly-dallied for two years.

However, it should worry all that the MCAs have now okayed the vetting of the suspended governor's nominee, with Speaker Beatrice Elachi ruling that her name be sent to the Appointments Committee. This may be procedural but a cloud still hangs over the move.

As the county in charge of the national capital, Nairobi is too important to be left in this quagmire.



We strongly feel that reason must take precedence over everything else. The ruling Jubilee Party cannot wash its hands off this one. It must get involved in a process that would resolve the standoff.

Another option, as some leaders have suggested, is to have President Kenyatta start the process of dissolving the county.

Some former city leaders have called upon the President to expedite the formation of a commission of inquiry, as provided for in the Constitution under Article 192 and Section 124 of the County Government Act, to solve the problem.

This group comprises people knowledgeable enough about the city and concerned about the need to put things right.

Nairobi is bigger than any individual, be it the governor or any other official. It must be put back on track.