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Fix issues at sports council

Friday August 16 2019

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That national athletics and volleyball teams preparing for the African Games that started in Rabat, Morocco, Friday, were locked out of Luke Hotel for non-payment of bills on Tuesday was a shame and total embarrassment to the country.

It seems we never learnt from the 2011 Maputo African Games and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games scandals. The blame game between Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia and the respective agencies is disastrous, as the buck stops with the government, through the Kenya National Sports Council (KNSC).

It was clear from the start that teams should be hosted at government facilities such as Kasarani Stadium, Utalii Hotel, Kenya School of Monetary Studies and Kenyatta University Athletes Village. Why KNSC booked them at Luke Hotel remains a mystery.

The preparations for the Games were sloppy from the beginning, with the Steering Committee only meeting the team a month before games started.

Little was done to secure the Sh400 million budgeted cash on time, the camp was not formally launched, travels were poorly organised and Team Kenya had to make do without ceremonial kits for the Games.

It is sad that the teams had to compete for facilities at Kasarani with those involved in the ongoing East African Military Games. Also, shifting the swimming team from Mombasa, which has conditions similar to Rabat, was wrong. So was having individuals implicated in past scams managing the preparations.