Good news for tourism

Friday December 7 2018

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At a time when gloomy news of economic hardships, corruption, mismanagement and other vices dominates, reports of any kind of national breakthrough in any sphere will always come as a soothing balm. For us, the frequent exploits in sports, especially global athletics, have been a breath of fresh air.

However, a major foreign exchange earner for the economy, tourism, has not been left behind. This time around, the coastal circuit is wallowing in the excitement of really good news that should see many more visitors attracted to our shores.

Kenya’s beaches on the Indian Ocean, which are a huge attraction in the industry, and whose fortunes have been steadily improving, thanks to improved security, have been voted among the world’s best.

The country was honoured after impressing a panel of 1,000 of the travel industry’s top professionals. Five of the beaches — Diani, Mombasa, Watamu, Chale Island and Shela — feature in the Top 50 African Beaches Category by, an online travel publication, which ranked 400 of the top beaches.


This vote of confidence by people well-versed in the travel industry should bear even more fruit as such ratings are keenly followed by would-be tourists and seasoned travellers in deciding their next destinations.

Being chosen among the very best is a clear indication that there is some good work being done.

However, it would be foolhardy to now rest on our laurels, believing that, having climbed to the top in the industry, we will remain there even if we don’t work hard.

Nothing can be more misleading. Cleanliness and enhanced security are among the factors that have been pivotal in this success.

The challenge is not to just strive and maintain the high standards, but actually surpass the heights attained to keep the competition at bay.