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Kenyan golfers need help

Monday January 29 2018

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Kenya Open Golf Limited has announced a huge prize package of Sh62.5 million for this year’s Barclays Kenya Open championship, making it a most lucrative event.

It is a remarkable increase of almost 127 per cent from last year’s prize fund of Sh27.3 million that saw the overall winner pocket a tidy Sh4.4 million.

The big prize in this year’s event that runs from March 22 to 25, which is likely to be double that amount, will attract some top players. Barclays Bank has allocated Sh80 million for sponsorship, with Sh50 million earmarked for the Kenya Open, and Sh32 million for five amateur events.


However, as we laud the firm for boosting the package, local professionals have been somewhat ignored. That raises concern on their performance against their well-prepared rivals, mainly from Europe. The five series will not feature professionals, yet the firm had hinted at incorporating them and, set up a tour for them.

The local professionals only took part in events in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, which were not enough.

Without a proper build-up, gaining a meaningful victory will remain a pipe dream for the Kenyans in the Kenya Open.  The corporates should, as they inject huge amounts into the Kenya Open, also consider supporting local professionals.