MPs must earn their pay

Thursday November 9 2017

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Two days after returning from a 25-day break, the National Assembly is back on recess because of the presidential election petitions in the Supreme Court.

This is quite ridiculous and brings to question the functionality of the House.

For an institution tasked with critical legislative duties for which they are paid hefty salaries and allowances, it begs the question whether this is the right thing to do at this critical period in our country.

Granted, the House is unable to transact business because the various committees have not been formed.

But the reason this has not happened is because of a political standoff between Jubilee and the National Super Alliance.


The consequence of this grandstanding has been that petitions presented cannot be considered because the House is basically paralysed. Critical motions cannot be debated.

The irony is that the MPs, who were sworn in two months ago, are earning their salaries as the electorate waits helplessly for services that are not forthcoming because of deferred legislative activities.

The Speaker must lead efforts to reconcile the two groups so that the committees are immediately formed for the business to start. 

Kenyans are not interested in seeing their leaders engage in brinkmanship and petty differences. The MPs must earn their pay.