Punish firms who give poor quality service

Friday December 3 2010

The Kenya telecoms industry has rightfully attracted global accolades for robust growth and innovation despite being a late starter in the field.

It has evolved from being one of the worst-ever managed State functions, into an industry on which the Kenya economy has piggybacked year in, year out.

In a nutshell, it has slashed the cost of doing business in Kenya, empowered the un-banked, provided an easy tool for socialisation besides providing easy access to the Internet for millions.

But a closer look at the sector easily tells you that it is not all good news. The call drop rates coupled with slow data speeds on some networks are simply unacceptable.

On Thursday, Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) — after releasing a quality survey that attracted comments akin to the now familiar response to political opinion polls — said they would henceforth financially penalise firms shortchanging consumers.

CCK says it has equipment to measure quality and we would want to believe that they do. Let them go ahead and punish firms who take money from the public in exchange for poor quality service.