Rein in errant VIP drivers

Wednesday March 13 2019

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Some of the worst-behaved people on the roads are the VIP drivers.

Though they are hired to ensure that these Very Important People reach their destinations safely, the drivers have gained notoriety for their unruly conduct and do not deserve to hold those positions.

Considering the high status of their bosses in society, one would expect them to carry themselves with decorum and avoid tarnishing the image of the senior people they serve.

As newly retired Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet warned recently, some of the drivers, who have turned into road hogs, will not be tolerated.

They are, after all, not above the law and must, like other motorists, strictly obey traffic rules and regulations to ease the flow of vehicles and enhance road safety.


Indeed, we hope that the IGP’s directive will be relentlessly enforced to restore sanity on the roads.

The drivers have been flouting road rules with impunity. They do not only speed, but also overtake dangerously and sometimes drive on the wrong side of the road — as if to drive home the message that the people they carry are too important to be subjected to controls that ensure that law or order prevail.

Some reckless VIP drivers have maimed and even killed other road users and sped off.

Following the revelation of the misbehaviour of one of his agency’s drivers, the no-nonsense Director of Public Prosecution, Mr Noordin Haji, has asked the police to take action against him.

Other top officers should similarly help to flush out and punish such bullies who work for them. It is even more shameful when such acts of impunity are committed as the officials sit in those limousines. They cannot escape the shame of their juniors’ actions.

All the culprits must be pursued and brought to book.