Rid courts of drunkards

Wednesday December 6 2017

That is why drunken drivers are such a deadly menace that they must be removed from the roads for posing a grave danger to others and themselves.

Drink has wrecked homes and ruined careers, and yet it is such a good source of enjoyment for many.

But it is even more alarming when this addictive thing creeps into a vital service such as the Judiciary.

Chief Justice David Maraga is warning judicial officers not just against corruption, but also against drunkenness.

Graft has always been rampant in the courts, and evidence of this is in the many reports ranking the Judiciary among the most corrupt institutions.

People seeking justice would not expect this from inebriated officers.

Though CJ Maraga has not given any figures, the fact that he has been compelled to warn about it confirms that it’s, indeed, a serious problem.

Just the same way judicial officers who engage in corruption face the sack, magistrates and judges known to be drunks must not be spared.

We can only enhance public confidence in the Judiciary by relentlessly waging a clean-up campaign to ensure that errant officers are not just identified and punished, but also removed so that they do not compromise the delivery of justice.

Judicial officers must be beyond reproach to fully discharge their vital duty in society. It’s no place for drunkards.