Seal transition loopholes

Monday November 13 2017

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Following Monday’s swearing-in of Mr Mutahi Kahiga as the new Nyeri governor, it is time to rethink the law on county leadership.

Mr Kahiga took over the reins of power following his boss’s death, in accordance with the Constitution, putting an end to fears that the rule of law might be subverted, especially with reports that some politicians were plotting to block him from assuming office.

However, the Constitution is silent on the appointment of the deputy governor when the occupant of that office ascends to the higher office.


This means that Mr Kahiga might not get a deputy soon because the law does not give him the powers to appoint one.

And although Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has pledged to table a bill in the Senate to fill the gap, the loophole leaves power concentrated in the hands of a single individual.

This is not good for democracy. Equally, the idea of the deputy automatically ascending to power upon the death of the governor needs to be revisited.

There is a need to cure these anomalies. This is why the proposed bill is timely and should be prioritised by the Senate.


However, the amendments should be comprehensively done so that we do not need to go back and make adjustments.

For Mr Kahiga, the task ahead will be daunting, but he has a chance to prove his detractors wrong by running the county efficiently.